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1998. censorship. Collins English Dictionary. Glasgow (4th ed.). (0.42 Kb) 

censorship n 1 a policy or programme of censoring. 2 the act or system of censoring. 3 Psychoanal. The activity of the mind in regulating impulses, etc., from the unconscious so that they are modified before reaching the conscious mind. // Collins English Dictionary. Glasgow: Harper Collins Publishers, 1998 (4th ed.). p.260. (0.1 печатных листов в этом тексте) Размещено: 01.01.2000 Размер: 0.42 Kb ©… Читать далее »

1996. censor. Cambridge International Dictionary of English. Cambridge (0.91 Kb) 

 censor n. [C] a person whose job is to read books, watch films, etc. In order to remove anything offensive from them, or who reads private letters, esp. sent during war or from prison, to remove parts considered unsuitable ● This film will never get past (=be approved by) the censors.             censor obj v [T] ● Figures showing the true scale of overspending have… Читать далее »

1993. censorship. The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on historical principles. Oxford (0.53 Kb) 

censorship n. L16 [f. CENSOR n. + -SHIP.] 1 The action or function of a censor, esp. in controlling newspapers, films, letters, etc. L16. 2 Hist. The office or function of a Roman censor. E17. 3 Psychol. The function of a subconscious mental censor. E20. // The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on historical principles. Ed. By Lesley Brown. Vol. 1. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1993. P. 360.… Читать далее »